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Villa Balbianello by neil1877 on Flickr.

This villa is probably the most famous and one of the most amazing villas to see on the lake. This villa which was built in the 1500’s, is situated in Lenno on the westside of he lake. The spectacular terraced gardens with magnolias, azaleas, cypresses and so much more, give you an excellent panoramic view of the lake and monuntains.

The villa was originally constructed by Cardinal Angelo Durini where a small Franciscan monastery had originally stood, following the death of Cardinal Durini the complex was sold to Giuseppe Arconati Visconti who enriched the garden and the loggia. After the first World War the American general Butler Amos renovated the whole complex. The villa later became the home of the famous Arctic explorer Guido Monzino, who, in 1988, left the Villa to the FAI, the Italian National Trust.

The villa featured in the James Bond film “Casino Royale” and also “Star Wards II: Attack of the Clones”.

« Rose and I had some spooning practice in the second season, with that scene on the top of the cliff. And you obviously talk it through beforehand. But it’s also a very clinical procedure, you know? It’s very strange. I’ve never done a love scene before, and especially a nude scene, so it’s very strange being naked in front of a hundred or so people. So we obviously rehearsed it a few times — fully clothed, mind you! But this wasn’t sex for manipulation. There are very few love scenes [on Game of Thrones], so we wanted to do it justice. It was important that we didn’t screw it up. Hopefully it worked. » 

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